Articulograph AG500 Quality Measurement Thursday, 17 June 2004

ATTENTION - the 3D system starts to work properly ! DemoResult2.pdf (686kB June 23) DemoResult.pdf (539 kB June 21)

Measurement data and graphics

Articulograph AG500 / AG200 downloads


AG200 software update 24. September 2003:

installation of new AGE200 software AGE200_install.pdf (307 kB)

AG200 Manual AG200-manual.pdf (569kB)

see download site ( for the program files

AG200 Instruction Articulograph AG200 calibration and measuring steps Monday, 30 December 2002

AG200-Instruction.pdf (174kB)

AG200 new software Juli 2003:

deinstallation of actual AGMaster software On-Offprograms.pdf (211kB)

installation of new AGE200 software AGE200_install.pdf (outdated)

AG200 Manual AG200-manual.pdf (592kB)

prepare delivery Articulograph AG500 prepare the installation 25 April 2002

Pioneer.pdf (157kB) 25 April 2002

installation unpacking and installation 25 April 2002

Installation.pdf (1.967kB)

Mount and Demount Transmitter Coils 4. November 2005

Mount_Tranmitter_Coils.pdf (1029kB)

AGMaster Master control program for AG500 data recording. 07 May 2002

AGMaster6.pdf (774kB)

MC500 Master Control via TCP/IP 09 May 2002

MC500.pdf (212kB)


Sybox Sybox Opto-4 the Articulograph AG500 synchronisation platform 01 May 2002

Sybox_man.pdf (512kB)


Soundrec new Sound recorder Thursday, 10 April 2003


Articulograph AG500 Sound recording with a soundcard under Windows 07 May 2002

Sound_rec.pdf (112k)


Articulograph AG500 programs - download site


CalView AG500 calibration and measuring environment display.


Selfextracting file with program and data: click here for download

Program description : click here for download

Data format

AG500 Data format actual Articulograph AG500 data format 16 June 2002

AG500_Dataformat.pdf (177kB)


AG100 Data format Articulograph AG100 data format 2D system (1988) 22. Mai 2002

AG100_Datstruk.pdf (67kB)

Electromagnetic exposure safety of the Articulograph AG500/AG200

MagFldStrength2.pdf (66kB)


Raw Data with low signal for Transmitter Sr_5 20 June 2002


AG200 End_Test 08 July 2002